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Clyde W. Ostler

Clyde W. Ostler has been a director of McClatchy since May 2013.

In March 2011, he retired from Wells Fargo & Company as a group executive vice president, vice chairman of Wells Fargo Bank California and president of Wells Fargo Family Wealth.

During his 40-year tenure with Wells Fargo, Ostler served in a number of capacities, including vice chairman in the Office of the President, chief financial officer, chief auditor, head of retail branch banking, head of information technology, head of institutional and personal investments and head of Internet service. Ostler was a member of Wells Fargo's management committee for more than 25 years.

He has served on a number of for-profit and not-for-profit boards. He is currently a member of the board of directors of EXLService Holdings, Inc. and is a member of the advisory council of FTV Capital, a private global investment company. From May 2002 to November 2006, Ostler served on the board of directors of Mercury Interactive Corporation and from November 1999 to November 2004, was a member of the board of directors of BARRA, Inc. Ostler is currently chairman of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Directors' Advisory Council.

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