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Anjali Joshi

Anjali Joshi is an accomplished technology executive who has held significant leadership positions in high-growth companies. She is a currently a Vice President of Product Management at Google where she leads groups focused on the software, network and computing infrastructure, translation products and internationalization/localization of Google products. Most recently, she has been integral in managing Google’s Fiber to Communities effort, which will ultimately bring ultra high-speed broadband access to as many as 500,000 people across the United States.

Prior to joining Google, Anjali was Executive Vice-President of Engineering at Covad Communications, the first DSL Competitive Carrier in the US and helped the company grow from a start-up to a public company. Anjali spent several years at Bell Labs working in the areas of voice and high-speed data communications. Anjali received her BTech in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Kanpur, a Masters in Computer Engineering from SUNY and a Masters in Engineering Management from Stanford University. She was recently selected as one of the top 50 alumni who have graduated from IIT Kanpur in the last 50 years. She is on the board of the IIT Kanpur Foundation and has served as a board member of TiE, Silicon Valley.

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